Welcome to Dress For Your Future – my name is Anne Sagendorph-Moon.

I love clothes and style, and yet this work is not about dressing an image.

It is about dressing your essence from the inside out…shining brightly in the world… knowing you are a living breathing work of art.

I began working with color, essence, style and beauty in 1977. I am a color analyst and stylist trained in the tradition of Suzanne Caygill, the creator of the personalized color palette. I know that when you reflect your deepest essence through your coloring, movement and style you step into your power and beauty. Your presence is felt, seen and heard without saying a word.

Here’s my story…

I fell in love with creativity, color, beauty 
(and clothes), when I was 6 years old.

My aunt took me shopping before I started the first grade and let me choose between two dresses. I remember I chose the brown one with a sash and a little pin on the collar. From that moment on I loved clothes, color and design.

As I got older I would visit my Mom’s sister and she was quite the fashion plate…I got to try on her Anne Klein dresses…in the late 50’s in Hazard, Ky. (think Appalachian mountains). She was ahead of her time…and beautiful.

In 1971 when I became a Montessori teacher I was so blessed to train with Hilda Rothschild. She was an artist at designing children’s environments! At a time when other teachers were using brown wooden trays, we were using beautiful colored one, with magical posters on the wall.

And then in 1977, I had my colors done…not just the outer color harmony but the inner energy facets as well.

It changed me forever.

I began to teach a workshop for teachers all over the country, called “Create A Beautiful Space”. I would show them how to do each of the seasons…in creative ways like wrapping a wall with iris flowered wrapping paper.

I showed them how the energy of the season aligned with the colors. The stillness of winter…the flight of butterflies in the spring…the soft, slow, warm summer and the movement to get things done in the fall for harvest. It made setting up environments a never-ending playground of creativity and fun. It opened horizons of beauty for teachers all over the country.

And through all that time, I was shopping and dressing and playing…with makeup, with color, with design and the energy behind all of it. It was my playground. I couldn’t wait to combine new outfits and share my newest discoveries. I was constantly learning energy, color, design, & style from everyone I could find.

And then around 1989 I began helping entrepreneurs market.

I realized that for marketing to be the gift I knew it could be, it had to reflect your true voice and spirit. Not just on the page (or on your website) but in your dressing as well. That style mattered…that it had to align with your True Self…not someone else’s idea of That Self.

When I got trained in the tradition of Suzanne Caygill through Image and Color International Institute, founded by Sharon Chrisman it was a dream come true.

The power of seeing people’s essence as well as their coloring and movement allows me to serve the true beauty of the person… rather than a superficial image that may be trendy but isn’t real.

When you build your business around your

True Spirit, your Natural Movement and Energy, and your True Beauty:
It is your quickest, easiest path to success and financial freedom.