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Here’s what clients say about working with Anne:

aimee-golant-before-and-after-dress-for-your-futureAnne’s passion, eye for color and style, and her intuitive nature give her an edge over other color professionals. Through our work together she has created a thrilling and gorgeous color palette just for me, helped me shop ~ and know what to look for when shopping, and create amazing outfits.

She also recommended I dye my hair, change the cut and use specific makeup colors. I’ve taken all of her advice and it has consistently helped me communicate who I am as soon as I enter the room before I even say a word. I stand out (in a good way) and feel great. I have seen my business flourish as a result.
~ Aimee Golant, Metal Artist and Jeweler, Creator of the Oneness Project, San Francisco, CA

This mindful approach creates magic… the client gets something that truly reflects their individuality…
~ Shoi Yean-Mak
elizabeth-brady-before-and-after-dress-for-your-futureJust from you clearing my closet, I feel so inspired! I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me.
~ Elizabeth Brady, Oakland, CA
I just LOVE what you have done with this work. A really important addition to the information out there. Thank you!!! You do such a good job in “seeing” the colors on your clients.
~ Rochele HC Hirsch, Colorist, Atlanta, GA
geraldine-convento-before-and-after-dress-for-your-future I built my personal brand through Natural Marketing Style & Dress For Your Future! I’ve said this before. I’ll say it again. I’m so glad that I participated in Dress for Your Future and Natural Marketing Style programs. Since I was a child, I struggled with what to wear and how to dress myself. Now it’s quite often that I get dressed with pride. I think about our session. How you combined colors and accessories on me that I wouldn’t have ever thought to wear. It’s been very powerful for me. I appreciate you and value that experience. I am finally building my personal brand outside of my business!
~ Geraldine Convento, Branding and Web Presence Specialist, Oakland, CA
laura-basha-testimonial-dress-for-your-futureI love what Anne brings into the world through her work of color. From my updated color palette, something quite deep continues to unfold in me. Recently, I bought red cashmere Eileen Fisher sweater. At the time, it looked great. But it felt off when I wore it around. Now it’s in the consignment pile. Best of all, I don’t feel guilty about it, because I now know why. And, that’s a big deal. Thank you, Anne! No kidding, you’re a Rock Star!
~ Laura Basha, International Consultant and Author, Oakland, CA
robyn-scherr-before-and-after-dress-for-your-futureWhat I love about working with Anne is that my learning continues to broaden and deepen with each course I take. I built my business 15 years ago under her coaching. What color and style Dress for Your Future gives me is a level of refinement and ease to what I already do. I thought I would be learning rules: what colors work well for me, what shapes and textures. And I did learn that. What I’m finding is that it’s not about external rules. It is about discernment: knowing myself more deeply and dressing from that knowledge.
~ Robyn Scherr, CranioSacral Therapist, Lafayette, CA
jewels-la-mer-dress-for-your-future-testimonialI can’t thank you enough for taking me on as a Skype challenge. We live on opposites sides of America. She and I shared an initial concern about my colors would come across in a Skype session. With a keen eye, training, and gut instincts, she pulled together the most beautiful “Early Spring” palette for me. I just wish photos could show how spot on these are for me. After I received my palette, I was so excited to go around comparing the colors in my closet and home decorations. I was most pleased with the end result. If you have the opportunity to work with Anne, you will too.
~ Jewels La Mer, Clayton, NC
rachel-starr-testimonial-about-style-dress-for-your-futureI came to you originally because I was excited to learn a bit more about my style and what to wear. I had no idea of the impact that Dress For Your Future would have on my sense of self and life! I am most surprised by my heightened level of embodiment, confidence, and love for my precious, perfect, unaltered self. Being a trained therapist, I thought I knew almost every way to connect to my deepest self. Dress For Your Future showed me a completely different way to know, be, and love myself. Since working with you, I feel more beautiful, sexy, and attractive. I no longer hide behind my clothes. Rather, I glide through the world in clothes that feel wonderful on my skin and look wonderful in the mirror. I don’t worry about what I am wearing. In turn, I am more present with others. I feel set free from the pressures of buying what society told me to wear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this life-changing gift!
~ Rachael Starr, San Rafael, CA

kimberly-cotterill-easier-time-shopping-for-clother-testimonial-dress-for-your-futureFunny how that worked out! So this was liberating on many levels. I did not realize how much this was bogging me down both mentally and physically. I can see how this was such a necessary step.

I could not be more grateful for the time that you have spent with me Anne. I have managed to increase my client base, and build my business with consistency. I find all of your words of wisdom and expertise to be so helpful! And one of the things I most benefited from is how to dress… the color, accessorizing, hair, and makeup has made a huge impact on how I feel about myself and how people view me.
~ Kim Cotterill, Santa Rosa, CA

dr-kara-waltz-before-and-after-dress-for-your-futureSeveral months ago I let go of a lot of clothing from my wardrobe that no longer worked. At your workshop, I learned a lot new information about colors and styles. I knew what to get rid of. However, my remaining wardrobe left me with extremely limited options. I felt intimidated to shop for new clothes. Until today, that is. I went shopping today. And, I have to say, it was such a breeze. I do know how to dress myself. And, I do know how to shop for me. I was able to disregard 80% of the store. They weren’t my colors. Then I grabbed a few items to try on. It was okay if they did not work out. I could hear your voice saying little catchy tips, and yay and nays. Really Anne it is such a powerful thing to have this coaching for many of. It was like my entire life of wishing that I had an older sister or mom who was able to show me how to do this for myself. And now I have the gift of learning and knowing how to do it for myself. I’m so grateful…
~ Dr. Kara Waltz, Chiropractor, Oakland, CA
jane-leu-rekas-before-and-after-dress-for-your-futureToday I received the best color analysis I have ever received. The reason it is the best? It was systematic and personalized to me. Anne Sagendorph-Moon trained in the Caygill method. Please don’t spend the number of years that I did trying to guess your season. Getting your colors done by a trained professional. You will find it truly life changing. Thank you so much Anne!
~ Jane Leu Rekas, Therapist and Color Consultant, Hood River, OR

katie-lewis-self-confidence-tesimonial-dress-for-your-futureI just want to say thank you. You are brilliant in such a light & playful way. You offered me another way of being that brings so much more ease into my life. For so many years, getting dressed was such a struggle because I wanted to look good & feel good & wasn’t sure how to make that happen.

I never felt good “adorning” myself because clothes never gave me any enjoyment & being in front of a mirror only mirrored how unpleasant I felt. Being with you on Friday gave me another option.

It was really amazing to come home & recognize the difference between the clothes that are my clothes & the clothes I bought in hopes that I could present myself as someone else more glamorous, more rich, more powerful, more striking than me.

When I get dressed now I feel such a new freedom & sense of pleasure. I feel the clothes I put on my body are an expression & a reminder of connection rather than triggering disconnection: distress, confusion & doubt.

It’s funny that I never thought how I dressed could have such an effect. It is so ordinary & brilliant, & now also so obvious.
~ Katie Lewis, Oakland, CA

rebecca-beardsley-before-and-after-dress-for-your-future You are great at putting things together I wouldn’t have thought of.
~ Rebecca Beardsley, Artist and Hair Stylist, Oakland, CA
I wish there was another way to express my gratitude for today’s fabulous experience. Maybe a poem, a song, a painting….words seem less than adequate!
To see the essence of colors, tones, prints, textures, and style expressions that are uniquely me is acknowledging and empowering! I can hardly wait to start playing with all the new insights you’ve provided.

What an amazing process to watch you uncover the individualized colors that speak for me! (Your approach still rings all the bells of a Montessorian!) I can’t imagine having let anyone else do this for me, thank you, Anne! Today was a leap into feeling whole again! I look forward to creating beauty and joy as I ready myself to face each day. You have given me that gift! xoxo
~ Lisa Lisandrelli, Montessori teacher, Petaluma, CA

kelly-kasper-before-and-after-dress-for-your-future I had an amazing color and style session. The color palette that you chose for me allows me to feel so comfortable and confident, even speaking in front of huge crowds! I no longer question my appearance. I simply show up in my genius. I love working with you!
~ Kelly Kapsar, Craniosacral Practioner, Las Vegas, NV

liz-behrens-dynamic-business-testimonial-dress-for-your-futureI always thought you had to go by someone else’s rules…beauty, business…you name it. I had to do it “their” way. What I claimed in this work with you was my kind of power…it’s soft power that works for me. I realized I have my own kind of power!

I was supposed to be dynamic and action oriented. Today I got permission to be myself…soft, fluid and flowing. There is power in that. I am no longer trying to be something I’m not. I have my own kind of power. My kind of beauty! I don’t have to do what the designers! I am my own person.
~ Liz Behrens, Realtor, The Grubb Co., Oakland, CA

marisa-pugliano-before-and-after-dress-for-your-futureI was thinking about you this morning as I was going through my closet, just loving all the beautiful clothes I now have. I picked out my outfit and I’m really excited knowing that I’m going to feel and look great-all because of you! Love, Marisa
~ Marisa Pugliano, Pilates Teacher and Nutritionist, Oakland, CA
ann-corcoran-self-worth-tesimonial-dress-for-your-future I finally feel like I can be myself. Big LOVE & many thanks to you!
~ Anne Corcoran, Wethersfield, CT
Anne, I’m so serious when I say, YOU KNOW ME. Here I thought no one understood my style. You have such an incredible gift.
~ Karen Brown, Texas

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