“What you wear is your brand. What are you wearing?”
~ Anne Sagendorph-Moon, Founder

Create a Closet that Sparks Your Joy, Creativity and Aliveness!
That makes it easy and fun to get dressed every morning!

I want to tell you right up front that I love doing closets! I want your closet to be a place of inspiration, joy and creativity for you…because that’s what it is for me when I come to your home or meet you online. *

Here’s what we’ll do…

First we’ll put your color palette to work. In just three-hours we will edit your closet. It’s my intention that we take your style expression to a whole new level of artistry for you. Getting dressed will be so much more fun!

Using your palette, style facets and your newly defined style words we’ll create beautiful new combinations
and outfits from what you already have. You will feel like you have a new wardrobe!!

In a 3 ~ 5 hour session I generally create anywhere from 10 to 30 new outfits depending on your closet. I want to create an outfit that surprises…something a little unexpected.

We’ll also see what gaps there are and make a prioritized list of what to buy. I want to make sure that your closet is filled with clothes you absolutely love wearing…both beautiful and functional.

You will learn-by-doing: how the right accessories and accent pieces open new avenues for your creative expression and natural beauty.

We will also use these sessions to create your look book with digital photos. Which you can carry in your smart phone and use to shop for years to come.
There will be no more hit-and-miss fashion experiments. You will walk out into the world with a renewed level of confidence, true artistry and wisdom.

* I also have a way to do closets and outfits online so if you aren’t local we can still work together.

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rebecca-beardsley-testimonial-dress-for-your-future. Thank you again for working in my closet. Wow, I feel like I have so many choices now! You are great at putting together things I wouldn’t have thought of. I’m going to literally print pictures of all the outfits and keep them in my closet. It was really fun!
~ Rebecca Beardsley, Hair Stylist, owner ShineForth Salon, Oakland, CA

denise-lampron-tesimonial-for-color-style-shopping-constultant-anne-sagendorph-moon-dfyfWhat I learned in my session with you has made all the difference in how I view myself, what style needs to be front and center in my wardrobe (Romantic) and how to make the best choices around contrast, prints, patterns and more. I am armed with the information that can take my wardrobe to the next level. I wish I’d had this information years ago. Such profound wisdom, beauty and healing. Your work Anne, goes far beyond color and style. You touch the heart.
~ Denise Lampron, Colorist and Founder of the Greying Goddess, Los Angeles, CA

Why Dress for Your Future may make sense for you.

  • You will look in your closet and shout Hooray!
  • You will have a wardrobe full of creative combinations.
  • You will have a wardrobe and a strategy for dressing that gets you results in your business and personal life.
  • You will experience shopping as fun AND productive: Results that inspire and delight your soul.
  • You will have a wardrobe that works for your body, your life and your work.
  • Getting dressed will become a breeze!
  • Your accessories will amplify and complete your communication without saying a word.
  • You will dress yourself with intention, with an eye to how you want to impact the world that day.

You’ll be Dressed for Your Future!

Beautiful, Powerful, Inspiring…without saying a word!

Here’s what others say about their experience:

rkatja-schmid-coach-dress-for-your-future Anne can guide you to yourself and show you aspects of yourself that you maybe always sensed were there but didn’t really know how to express or highlight.
~ Katja Schmid, Coach, Bavaria, Germany

elizabeth-brady-testimonial-dress-for-your-future Just from you clearing my closet, I feel so inspired! I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me.
~ Elizabeth Brady, VP of Planned Giving, Golden Gate University, Oakland, CA

marisa-pugliano-dress-for-your-future-oakland-pilates-instructor-testimonial I was thinking about you this morning as I was going through my closet, just loving all the beautiful clothes I now have. I picked out my outfit and I’m really excited knowing that I’m going to feel and look great-all because of you! Love, Marisa
~ Marisa Pugliano, Pilates Teacher and Nutritionist, Oakland, CA

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