“Clothes at their best should reflect who you’re becoming and the future you are creating.”
~ Anne Sagendorph-Moon, Founder

amy-golant-jeweler-dress-for-your-future-testimonial-rounded-cornersAnne’s passion, eye for color and style, and her intuitive nature give her an edge over other color professionals. Through our work together she has created a thrilling and gorgeous color palette just for me, helped me shop ~ and know what to look for when shopping, and create amazing outfits.

She also recommended I dye my hair, change the cut and use specific makeup colors. I’ve taken all of her advice and it has consistently helped me communicate who I am as soon as I enter the room before I even say a word. I stand out (in a good way) and feel great. I have seen my business flourish as a result.
~ Aimee Golant, Metal Artist and Jeweler, Creator of the Oneness Project, San Francisco, CA

Dress for Your Future, the Art and Soul of Dressing

Welcome to Dress for Your Future. I believe that Dress for Your Future begins when we bring your intangible core expression…bringing your essence…to the surface. Then make that expression come alive in your business and in your life.

I work with many different kinds of clients. One thing they all have in common is this: they know that color and style are not just about superficial image. They want something deeper. They want their essence and inner spirit reflected in the way they dress.

Some come because they’ve out grown how they dressed in the past and aren’t sure how to move forward. Some come because they know they need a way of dressing that reveals who they are becoming. Some come because they’re ready to be more visible, influential and impactful.

Who are you? Who were you?
Who are you becoming?

In our work together, you will get the answer to those questions.

When you uncover your core expression and essence, it begins to shine a light on your natural beauty.

As you begin to align your wardrobe with it, something miraculous happens.

Your personal style becomes the outer reflection of your inner spirit.

You know you are a living, breathing work of art.


katja-schmid-coach-dress-for-your-future-testimonial-rounded-cornersIf you ever need to get your colors done or have questions about how to dress authentically and true to your essential nature, Anne is your woman!

She is interested in you as a person & how to help you – and, she has a REALLY GOOD and STRONG intuition.

She can show you aspects of yourself that you maybe always sensed were there but didn’t really know how to express or highlight. Thank you so much Anne!
~ Katja Schmid, Coach, Bavaria, Germany

My Approach

We’ll honor who you are and who you are becoming.

If you’re business professional, we’ll create the foundation for your Natural Marketing Style* as well as your Personal Style in our session.

The Art of Visual Persuasion

Research has found that 86% of all communication is visual and that people make a judgment about who you are in 10 seconds. We want that to work in your favor.

My intention is that you walk into a room with confidence and grace: that others see you and get your value in those first five seconds. That you are seen and felt without saying a word.

I want you to experience the power of dressing with intention. I want you to know how to align your personal style and inner spirit. I want you to evoke appreciation, respect, harmony, and cooperation in others.

You will inspire. You will have impact. Simply by showing up.

In our session you will claim your empowered presence.

You will know how transform it into your own unique, authentic and beautiful expression. Your style.


Anne, I’m so serious when I say, YOU KNOW ME. Here I thought no one understood my style. You have such an incredible gift.
~ Karen Brown, Texas

jane-leu-rekas-therapist-and-color-consultant-dress-for-your-future-testimonial-for-anne Today I received the best color analysis I have ever received. It was systematic and personalized to me. Please don’t spend the number of years that I did trying to guess your season. Getting your colors done by a trained professional. You will find it truly life changing. Thank you so much Anne!
~ Jane Leu Rekas, Therapist and Color Consultant, Hood River, OR

What We’ll Create in Our Session…

During our 2-hour Dress for Your Future foundation session you’ll discover you unique personal expression of Color and Style.


Together, we’ll discover your coloring, the structure of your face, and how you move through the world. I’ll do a customized color palette that reflects your essence. You’ll see how easy it is to use and how it gives you many choices.

Each palette is an individual blue print of your coloring and vibration. As I do your palette you will see the harmony and perfection of you.

You’ll learn how to use your colors to Dress with Intention for different kinds of meetings or events, personal and professional. You’ll see how to use your colors to evoke trust, lead a seminar, or simply go out to play.


You’ll discover your unique Style Facets. With your Style Facets you’ll be able to create a look just for you…because there is only one YOU. You’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t. Together you and I will define your personal style. Even give it a memorable name.

denise-lampron-tesimonial-for-color-style-shopping-constultant-anne-sagendorph-moon-dfyfAnne is a GRAND MASTER of the style facets, Such profound wisdom, beauty and healing. Your work Anne, goes far beyond color and style. You touch the heart.
~ Denise Lampron, Colorist and Founder of the Greying Goddess, Los Angeles, CA

laura-basha-testimonial-dress-for-your-future Anne is a creative, brilliant, empowering, transformed wonder of fun and genius! Check her out if you’re interested in being fully, beautifully, and authentically self-expressed!span class=”coralquotes”>”
~ Laura Basha, International Consultant and Fine Artist, Piedmont, CA

You’ll have a foundation for reorganizing your closet. You’ll know what to recycle or give away. What to accessorize. What to combine with what. What to buy. All with clarity, serenity, and confidence.

Our foundation session sets the stage for you to create a wardrobe you love, a closet that makes you jump for joy, and outfits that take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

You will understand how to extend this foundation to your business and professional engagements. How to align your website, marketing, and selling approaches to your unique personal presence.

You will know…

…How to use connection, repetition and contrast in your wardrobe
…How to style your hair – in ways that you find easy and beautiful, every day
…How to choose makeup colors that match enhance your natural beauty and radiance
…How choose the best accessories – that light up your face and complete your outfit and how a few styling changes and accessories can transform what you already have into something extraordinary.


robyn-scherr-testimonial-about-style-dress-for-your-future What I’m finding is that it’s not about external rules.
It is about discernment: knowing myself more deeply and dressing from the inside out.
~ Robyn Scherr, Massage Therapist, Lafayette, CA

My promise to you

Color, style facets, and designs will become tangible tools of support rather than a source of frustration.
Whether you are out shopping or in your closet, you will be able to engage them as authentic opportunities to play, explore and create.

Your Color, style facets, and designs will become resources that support the authentic expression of your fuller self.

kara-waltz-chiropractor-dress-for-your-future-testimonial-rounded-corners I went shopping today. And, I have to say, it was such a breeze. I do know how to dress myself. And, I do know how to shop for me. I was able to
disregard 80% of the store. They weren’t my colors. I’m so grateful…
~ Kara Waltz, Chiropractor, Oakland, CA

“What an amazing process to watch you uncover the individualized colors that speak for me! I can’t imagine having let anyone else do this for me, thank you, Anne!”
~ Lisa Lisandrelli, Montessori trainer and consultant, Petaluma, CA

*Natural Marketing Style in your business, will help you be more…

Congruent ~ Consistent ~ Connected ~ Confident

Your website, marketing, and clothes will reflect you from the inside out. When your clothes and message feel like YOU, it will be easy to share what you do and who you are. Marketing will feel like a gift you’re giving.

You’ll feel like each part of your expression, from the clothes you wear, to the words you speak, to the website you show the world, are the best presentations of YOU on your very best day, everyday.

Who are you? Who were you?
Who are you becoming?

You know you are a living, breathing work of art.

Isn’t it your time?

Anne does Dress for Your Future sessions either online or in person. Click here to schedule.