“What you wear is your brand. What are you wearing?”
~ Anne Sagendorph-Moon, Founder

Fill in the Gaps and Create a Wardrobe that Makes Your Heart Sing Every Time You Get Dressed!
Beauty, Style and Function

Let me say this first: I want shopping to be easy, fun and productive for you. Whether you shop by yourself or with me, my intention is that you be empowered, educated, and on purpose.

I will train your eye to see what brings aliveness to your face but I am also body-centered. That means I want you to know and trust what your body says when try on an outfit or piece of clothing. It won’t matter what the sales person says…you will know what works.

Here’s what we can do together…

Once you have your color palette, style facets and we’ve defined your style, there may be some gaps in your wardrobe that you want to fill in. We will build on the foundation of a sorted closet and newfound clarity of what makes your heart sing.

We want to make sure that your wardrobe is not only beautiful, but that it functions well. That you have everything you need to go to work, out for cocktails or running to yoga.

We’ll do that by making a list of priorities that support your newly defined style ~ from clothing items to accessories. I have some guidelines I use with my clients when we shop.

I want the items you buy to exponentially expand your wardrobe. I want artistry and function to go hand in hand. And most of the time I want what you buy to go with at least 3 things in your wardrobe.

We can go shopping together of course but I will also teach you how to shop for yourself. I want you to feel clear and empowered whether you shop online or in stores.

Once you’ve shopped we can set up a session to go over your purchases, make sure they’re perfect for you, and then create new outfits by integrating your new pieces into your existing wardrobe.

You will learn how to use accessories. How to create several looks, all uniquely yours, from a capsule wardrobe of skirts, t-shirt, trousers, blouses, and dresses. You’ll also see how the alchemy of color harmonies gives you confidence to add accent pieces that make your outfit come alive.

Imagine this: You will have a strategy that allows you to buy a fewer number items. That you know with certainty works across your entire wardrobe. That will remain fresh and uniquely yours for years to come.

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* Shopping and integrating your new pieces is done in separate appointments.
(3~6 hours for shopping appointments and 2-4 hours for integrating and combining new outfits)

elizabeth-brady-testimonial-dress-for-your-future Anne, I am so thrilled with 3 jackets!! Each one is gorgeous! I can’t thank you enough for your time, care and talent helping me shop and get what is perfect for me.
~ Elizabeth Brady, VP of Planned Giving, Golden Gate University, Oakland, CA

So let’s recap why Dress for Your Future may make sense for you.

  • You will look in your closet and shout Hooray!
  • You will have a wardrobe full of creative combinations.
  • You will have a wardrobe and a strategy for dressing that gets you results in your business and personal life.
  • You will experience shopping as fun AND productive: Results that inspire and delight your soul.
  • You will have a wardrobe that works for your body, your life and your work.
  • Getting dressed will become a breeze!
  • Your accessories will amplify and complete your communication without saying a word.
  • You will dress yourself with intention, with an eye to how you want to impact the world that day.

Here’s what others say about their experience.

kara-waltz-chiropractor-dress-for-your-future-testimonial-rounded-corners Until today, that is. I went shopping today. And, I have to say, it was such a breeze. I do know how to dress myself. And, I do know how to shop for me. I was able to disregard 80% of the store. They weren’t my colors. Then I grabbed a few items to try on. It was okay if they did not work out. I could hear your voice saying little catchy tips, and yay and nays. Really Anne it is such a powerful thing to have this coaching for many of. It was like my entire life of wishing that I had an older sister or mom who was able to show me how to do this for myself. And now I have the gift of learning and knowing how to do it for myself. I’m so grateful…
~ Kara Waltz, Chiropractor, Oakland, CA

“Anne, I’m so serious when I say, YOU KNOW ME. Here I thought no one understood my style. You have such an incredible gift.
~ Karen Brown, Texas/span>

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